AudioForum @ISE 2016
Settimana Domotica 2014

Yamaha passion in Naples

The Yamaha, Riding Passion tour stopped in Naples last July 3rd: dedicated to lovers of good music, high quality audio and motors, the event was a new opportunity to gain first-hand confidence with all these Japanese brand’s souls. In the afternoon seminars on the latest Yamaha audio solutions, jam sessions with Yamaha Music‘s electric keyboards, […]

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Diffrazioni Festival: merging technology and poetic expression

The Diffrazioni Festival, organized by the Conservatory, has just taken place Florence, our city; an opportunity to think, once again, about the link among technology, contemporary art and poetic expression.  At the beginning of this text, we would like to first of all thank the companies that dedicated time, energy and their best products to […]

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Jade by Voome Networks brings digital signage to the heart of Art Nouveau

Can a nineteenth-century Art Nouveau building become an example of technological innovation, without losing anything of its artistic and historical value? The answer to this question comes from the headquarters of Confcommercio in Milan. In order to offer an accurate service to its members, Confcommercio has decided to equip its Milan office in Corso Venezia […]

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