AudioForum @ISE 2016
Settimana Domotica 2014

TEOS Manage & TEOS Connect: doppia soluzione Sony per aziende interconnesse

In fisica quantistica si parla di “entanglement” quando tra particelle lontane si verifica una correlazione istantanea; volando un po’ più basso, potremmo parlare di “entanglement aziendale” per il sistema TEOS, che consente di interconnettere, gestire, pianificare e monitorare i contenuti su una rete IP, anche molto vasta ed estesa a più sedi. Uno dei più […]

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(Italiano) MIR 2019: save the date!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

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Summer greetings

The summer break is approaching for our team too, and catches us in the midst of the preparations for the September events and activities. We have been dedicating the first part of the year to many new activities, announced between December and January: our new pay off tells “Connessioni: bridging worlds“, and in spring we […]

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Extron Introduces a Guide to Collaboration System Design

A new Extron tool for professionals: the Collaboration Systems Design Guide. This guide illustrates how Extron technology can be used to create modern workspaces and meeting rooms that facilitate collaboration Open systems architecture and unified communication technologies: these are the keys of Collaboration according to Extron. Through several technology partnerships, in fact, Extron can extend […]

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