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Connessioni System

Connessioni was founded in 2006 to provide communications solutions and editorial products to the Systems Integration industry.Today, following the evolution of communication and of the market, where technologies are increasingly tools and user categories are spread out to numerous vertical markets, Connessioni has developed its model and updated its own tools. With the same objective as always: to link stakeholders, stimulate growth and create value. Today, Connessioni offers a system of integrated communication services & activities for the industry. – Communication: strategic communication, editorial services, Public Relations, Social Medias, Media Relations; Copy Writing, Design – Events: training events, roadshows, seminars for end users, special projects for companies and associations; projects for shows and conventions; projects and spaces in national and international shows and events – References: no longer a “website” but a reference point for technical users and end users pro, – Entourage: newsletter for technicians and end users, and a directory of companies in the industry – Magazine: a gallery of extraordinary “AV experiences”: projects, installations, market.

Our market

After 13 years of experience in this market, Connessioni proposes communication projects mainly designed for the market of integrated technologies applications. A market that is seeing major changes: the focus is now on solutions rather than products, and there is a need to involve the large number of users working with echnologies while not strictly technicians: professional end users. By creating around them opportunities to gain experience regarding what technology can offer and implement, and this encourage education that will lead to further growth of the market.

Chiara Benedettini

President & Editor in Chief

Laura Lo Bianco

Executive Assistant & Social Media Specialist

Cecilia Chiappani


Elisabetta Ferri

Direttore Responsabile

Alessandro Bertoni

Audio Consultant & Contributor

Bruno De Nisco


Stefano Cavese


Alberto Forchino


Matteo Fontana


Cristiano Masi

International Business Development

Paola Tani

Editor Assistant

Chiara Nunzet

Translator and Contributor

Damiano Simoncini


Riccardo Culeddu


Stefano Carboni