Televic uniCOS: more efficient and collaborative meetings

HQ audio, up to six video streams with lip-synchronization, and document sharing: all at your fingertips on an elegant touch screen, connected by a single FTP CAT6e cable that simplifies installation and does not adversely affect the aesthetics of meeting rooms.

Efficient meetings in an elegant environment? Televic, a brand distributed in Italy by Prase Media Technologies, offers a brilliant solution with uniCOS, a multimedia conferencing unit designed to enable participants-in-presence and remotely to interact better and more easily, as well as to keep the focus more easily on the decisions to be made and the content shared. An additional feature not to be underestimated: the uniCOS design integrates seamlessly into any environment, whether you choose a tabletop version or a flush mount on the table or even use a bracket to place the product on your desk.

Desktop units

To explore the possibilities, we start with uniCOS T/MM10, a multimedia conferencing solution designed specifically for the Plixus architecture, which can be configured for both chairpersons and delegates. The sleek 10-inch tilting touchscreen allows meeting participants to have all audio and video information at their fingertips, such as who is speaking or the agenda, which can be managed and shared with a simple touch. Audio quality, crucial to a successful meeting even for those participating remotely, is impeccable with a frequency response of 200-20,000 Hz and a dynamic range of 97 dB / 102 dBA. These units are most notable for their ability to handle up to six video streams with lips sync, their intuitive interface, which enables immediate sharing of all types of multimedia content, and their ease of installation. The bases can be connected either individually or in a daisy chain, with CAT 5/6 cable allowing for centralized control and maintenance, as well as providing power through the Plixus system. Each unit integrates a high-definition camera inside that is automatically enabled when the speaker takes the floor, to better manage the framing of the speaker.

Built-in units

The uniCOS T/MM10 unit is an extremely comprehensive conferencing solution that avoids the use of third-party devices while improving the level of adoption. Televic pays considerable attention to aesthetics and also offers two flush-mount models that can be installed flush with the work surface. The potential for multimedia enjoyment, as well as the implementation features, are the same as the countertop model, only the design changes for an even more discreet aesthetic result.


What if a touch display could also integrate and extend the potential of a conference? Televic has designed Plixus uniBOX. From browsing documents to a speaker’s biography, from reading the agenda to eventual voting, not to mention sending text messages and streaming up to six Full HD video streams with lip-synchronization, Televic uniBOX enables meetings, conferences, and even hybrid meetings with ease and without loss of quality.

Operators maintain full control with guided views, focused screen modes, and synchronized scrolling. The product also supports any resolution up to 1080p/60 and has all the ports needed for conferencing: HDMI, USB, microphone jacks, RFID, headset, and/or speaker connections. For uniBOX, there is no need to provide power distribution in the conference room; a simple FTP CAT6e cable is sufficient.

Multimedia extensions

The uniCOS series is complemented by a choice of possible multimedia “boxes” that can further enrich the hybrid videoconferencing experience. Video-IN Box, first of all, allows visual content to be inserted via HDMI into the Plixus network. Using one of the workstation inputs, a video channel is inserted through the box and is routed to one of six video streams on the Plixus network (CoCon video routing is required). Content sharing is available on the video request panel (Plixus V-REQ) or through available contacts.

Complementary to this extension, Video-OUT Box allows, on the contrary, to extract a video stream from the Plixus network, again via HDMI. A flexible selection of video channels available on the Plixus network can be achieved by connecting the video selector (Plixus V-SEL). The V-REQ and V-SEL panels are optional and allow, respectively, to connect to Plixus V-IN to request that a participants’ video stream become available on the Plixus network or to connect to Plixus V-OUT to select different video channels on the Plixus network. To be able to take full advantage of the potential of Plixus systems, Televic offers several software options to meet the disparate functionality or needs of the customer.

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