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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Philips LED displays for Digital Signage, and in particular the very rich 7000 series, offer a wide choice of displays for all the needs of multimedia and dynamic communication.

Just by reading the “name” Philips, the thought immediately goes to the huge choice of monitors for all applications; adding the L-Line specification to the brand, we enter the world of dynamic communication for the Corporate market – with the 9000 series – and for public places and the retail world – with the 8000 and 7000 series. We will focus in particular on the 7000 series, characterized by extreme versatility and a multiplicity of proposals designed for retail and indoor communication.

L-Line: LED display for all applications

2021 has opened for Philips with a new range of LED displays, which is divided into three different types of products, all indoor and designed to meet the needs of specific markets. Let’s give a brief overview of the entire offer, before focusing on the strengths of the 7000 series.

The 9000 series is dedicated in particular to the Corporate market and to environments such as board & meeting rooms, with pixel pitch of 1.2, 1.5 and 1.9 mm, brightness of 800 nit and 16: 9 format, which allow this LED series to provide users with a remarkable image quality, suitable for corporate environments and important meetings. The 8000 series, on the other hand, is more suitable for use in large spaces and in indoor public places, thanks to its pixel pitch of 2.8, 3.9 and 4.8 mm, as well as the 1: 2 format (1000×500 mm) and the brightness of 800 nit.

Finally, here is the 7000 series, more articulated and explicitly designed for the retail world and to better support the requests and needs of designers. It’s a multi-format line (1000x250mm, 750x250mm and 500x250mm) which in the standard version has a brightness of 1200 nit and pitch 1.9, 2.4, 3.1 and 3.9 mm, while in the high brightness one the nits become 3500 nits and the pitch 2.4, 3.1 and 3.9 mm.”

7000 Series: “extreme” angles for every installation

The intention, therefore, is to meet the ideas – even the most daring ones – of users and designers, who often unleash the imagination in retail environments, looking for the most interesting and engaging solutions.

The LED displays of the 7000 series are available with 90° and 45° angles, in order to realize installations that require “L” shapes and/or curved surfaces. It’s also possible to combine several LED panels, even different in size, type and pitch, in order to create unconventional and more creative set-up solutions. Among the most interesting features of the 7000 series displays, on which to emphasize, there is certainly the Active Health Monitoring function, which allows real-time monitoring of the status of the displays which, certified BS476, B1 DIN4102 and UL94, are designed to slow down the spread of a possible fire, a very important aspect for installations in public places, even large ones such as shopping centers. Finally, the energy saving option allows you to reduce electricity consumption by 20% compared to older generation LED displays on the market.

All forms of Digital Signage

Philips L-Line LED panels can be installed in any horizontal format, and without size limits, which allows designers and creatives to think more freely, even on entire ledwalls or “paths” that can be equipped with monitors. All this, with the idea of offering greater visitor involvement, transforming the visit to a store into a real “experience”. The L-Line modules are also available with rounded corners, to allow for the creation of curved designs, both convex and concave.

The 7000 series offers seamless LED panels, multiple sizes, angles, curves and amazing shapes – everything you need for the so called, and increasingly demanded, wow effect!

Present and future of the ledwall

If the L-Line by Philips, and in particular the 7000 series, are the present of LED technology with regard to displays, Andrea Greguoldo, LED Specialist & Sales Manager – PPDS Philips Professional Displays, suggests an interesting possible future evolution: “the ever smaller steps and evolving technologies (MiniLED and MicroLED) could soon direct the use capacity of the LED towards applications even with very small dimensions and in areas that are still little explored today, such as the Corporate world or – in the future – a larger consumer market. On the other hand, the large-scale diffusion of LED technology will certainly lead to a decisive improvement in the quality of the product, which will be dictated above all by the continuous increase in requests for certification and adaptation to specific safety and functionality standards.”

For the moment, let’s enjoy the state of the art of this technology with the Philips 7000 series and its fascinating Installation possibilities; the future will come!

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