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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Innovation in the Paso household never stops: the new interesting PAW Mini range has been launched, consisting of integrated “light” voice evacuation systems for alarm in applications such as offices, restaurants, shops but also private homes.

Paso shrinks but does not renounce the technology of the well-known PAW series of evacuation systems. Indeed, the new PAW Mini range was born from the idea of ​​bringing PAW technology to a minimum size, making it suitable for many applications that require a voice evacuation system easy and discreet to install.

All the models in the new range, available in two power formats (100 W and 250 W), are suitable for wall mounting and are equipped with a certified control unit, compliant with EN 54-16 and EN 54-4 standards. Depending on the model, one or two alarm zones can be managed, remote microphone stations and controlled inputs to be connected to a fire control panel.

Identikit of an agile and performing series

Several features share all the available models of the new PAW Mini series, starting with the important 4.3” backlit touch screen display for selecting the alert and evacuation zones, for managing the settings and configuration of the appliance and to display any faults. In addition, all models have a VVF handheld microphone, four monitored input contacts, configurable for playing evacuation and/or alert messages on the programmed zones, an auxiliary input configurable as a music source and two relay configurable outputs. The units are capable of sending pre-recorded evacuation and alert messages.

The pushbutton controls, common to all models of the series, are also simple and immediate: a local pushbutton for putting the system in emergency (with relative LED) and another local pushbutton for resetting the acoustic fault indicator and playback of alarm messages. Finally, the EN54-4 certified internal battery charger unit for secondary 24 Vdc power supply and the possibility of connecting up to four PMB Series broadcast microphone stations or, alternatively, up to two PMB132 Series emergency stations complete the equipment of the new PAW Mini models.

The PAW Mini series model by model

As mentioned, the models of the PAW Mini series differ in coverage (one or two zones) and in power (100 or 250 W). The first one, PAW1101-V, is a single-zone 100 W, therefore able to manage 1 alarm zone – driven by a single amplifier – with remote microphone stations and controlled inputs connected to a fire control unit. Still within the 100 W power range, we find the PAW2101-V models with 1 zone (A + B) and PAW2102-V with 2 zones (A + B), always characterized by ease of installation (on the wall) and very small footprint, for applications that they need discrete and inconspicuous systems.

The PAW2251-V model, on the other hand, has a power of 250 W and covers 1 alarm zone (A + B), while its natural “twin” is the PAW2252-V model, also with 250 W of power but capable of covering 2 areas of alarm. In short, always in the context of non-invasive and easy-to-manage systems, the PAW Mini series offers all the options that can be used for different applications and different installation environments.

In all models of the series, however, it’s possible to insert an optional ACPAWM-LINK extension card, which allows you to make a general call on all connected devices (up to 32 PAW Mini units) or to have an additional music input. Finally, the models equipped with two amplifiers (PAW2102-V and PAW2252-V) allow the user to select the second amplifier as a reserve.


All enabled for auxiliary functions such as broadcast calls or background music diffusion, PAW Mini voice evacuation systems are in effect “jewels” that can be integrated into a variety of environments, from restaurants to shops to offices, all places that have need for safety communication systems.

The Ministerial Decree of 25 January 2019, however, extends the need for a voice evacuation system also to residential buildings. Here is another perfect application for PAW Mini, given the basic feature of this series: the discretion in fitting, on the wall, in any environment, and the small footprint required. By shrinking more and more PAW technology, Paso also makes it available to users who – otherwise – would not have used it.


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