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The latest version of ArmoníaPlus is here!

Collaborating on projects is now simple thanks to Cloud integration, which makes it easy to upload, share, and edit projects with various levels of accessibility.
Collaborators may be given full admin privileges or more restricted editor ones, and may also keep track of any change by looking up the full version history of the cloud project.

What’s more to like? Oh, did we mention that the cloud is free for all MyPowersoft Users? This is in fact true, so if you haven’t subscribed to our online services, this might just be the time to do so!

This latest iteration also hosts some major quality of life improvements:

SNMP Implementation – our amplifiers now support SNMP network monitoring, allowing the user to read critical and essential information about the status of amplifiers
4 zones support for 4-channel Mezzo
Mono Mix Dante Sources – All Mezzo AD models can mono-mix stereo tracks and share them over in Dante to other amplifiers in the network
WM Touch Network Recovery – enables configuration of the WM Touch from A+, even if it’s set in a different subnet
Dante flows Warnings – the software will display a warning inviting users to set their Dante sources to multicast when designing a system that may generate Dante fanout conditions

If you wish to learn more about ArmoníaPlus 2.2, access your MyPowersoft’s Download Area.


Download ArmoníaPlus 2.2

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