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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The novelty is called CS1953, the first three-port USB-C DisplayPort hybrid KVMP switch, designed to offer an ergonomic desktop style without sacrificing the potential of a KVM product and USB-C connectivity, which facilitates professional and commercial applications.

ATEN has launched the new CS1953 hybrid KVMP switch, unique of its kind, DisplayPort USB-C with three ports: a product that significantly simplifies applications in professional and commercial workstations, developing the mobility and improving the productivity of offices and workstations. With the DisplayPort monitor configured on the desktop and access to up to two DisplayPort-connected PCs, and a laptop (or other mobile device) connected via USB-C, it’s possible to achieve a simple and efficient procedure of controlling and switching three computers, with the addition of 4K quality.

USB-C, DisplayPort and 4K

Therefore, it’s evident that the main innovations of CS1953 essentially concern the connections. The USB-C standard, increasingly popular for mobile devices, facilitates a plug-n-play connection with devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, without the need for a docking station. This is an objective saving of both space and money for those who have to set up a work station. DisplayPort connectivity offers high-level AV performance: CS1953 allows you to connect and control up to two computers, a monitor and a mobile device. Another important feature is the 4K quality (4096 x 2160 at 60 Hz), which takes the viewing experience to a much higher level, allowing the operator to effortlessly work on all visual content, from written texts to rows of digits, with high precision and without excessive eye strain. 

Many advantages in Plug-and-Play mode

CS1953 is a very easy product to connect and use. As soon as connected, the switch is ready to work, and by enabling the power supply function (which can be bought optionally) of the USB-C 3.0 device, the mobile devices begin to charge (up to 45 W) when they are connected to the switch, thus increasing desktop productivity and enabling even faster mobility.

Thanks to the CS1953, a USB keyboard, mouse, and DisplayPort monitor are enough to control two DisplayPort computers and a USB-C device. Two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports offer a data transfer rate of 5 Gbps. The selection of the computer on which you intend to work can be done using buttons, shortcut keys, mouse or remote port selector: a range of options that further facilitate the operator’s work. 


The CS1953 KVM switch is suitable for time-critical and data-intensive operations. In offices, the CS1953 is ideal for those who need fast switching of multiple computers to handle heavy data processing or verify user interface development on high-performance monitors, such as government personnel, marketing professionals, sales people and engineers. In the financial field, CS1953 allows for greater productivity and high accuracy for multitasking between computers, so as to monitor various data and indicators in trading and sales charts. Additionally, multi-computer configurations can act as a backup to avoid downtime and financial loss caused by equipment failure.

Even in graphics and design, CS1953 can be essential: graphic designers and engineers using CAD software can switch between two computers and USB-C mobile devices to design in 4K quality. Finally, do not forget the contribution that a product like CS1953 can give to the Healthcare world, allowing medical staff to easily carry out different activities on different computers, for example one for imaging and another for consulting medical records of patients, or for examination of diagnostic scans, with 4K accuracy.

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