AUDIOFORUM 2020 - 2° FOCUS: Acoustic Awarness

From sonic environments

to a true Sound Democracy

> A journey on the topics of AudioForum 2020

You chose the restaurant for the evening with care: great food, perfect service and clean environment. And yet at the end of the night, you decide you’ll probably never go back to that restaurant again. It was the noise that prevented you from relaxing and enjoying the good company.

For the first time together, professionals from the academic world, audio industry and architecture will discuss conditions and effects of the listening experience, all in a full day educational event!

Mon, February 10, 2020

9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

RAI Amsterdam Europaplein ROOM G103 1078 GZ


Second focus: Acoustic Awarness
Speaker: Ben Kok - Acoustic consultant and AES member

The second presentation of AudioForum 2020 will focus on the integration between sound design and architecture. Acoustics must be integrated from the very beginning of architectural design: this concerns not only auditoria, halls and theatres, but also public spaces such as offices, restaurants and hotels. To achieve this goal, architects and sound designers should collaborate side by side from the first moments of the project. Only in this way can they understand their respective responsibilities and needs. A good acoustic design brief is essential to this process: acoustics is not like a touch of paint, which can be added later.


Ben Kok is specialized in all aspects related to high-quality sound reproduction in small and large rooms, with and without the use of sound systems. With a career in acoustics spanning nearly 40 years, he has served as a consultant/specifier and client representative, but also on the manufacturer/supplier side. Ben has been involved in the consulting and design of Concert Halls, Theatres, Opera houses, Recording Studios, Broadcast Facilities and Sound Systems in Europe, the US, Canada and Asia and has dealt with various ‘starchitects’ in these projects. He has presented his work for the AES and other professional societies in papers on Speech Intelligibility, Variable Acoustics, Sound System Design, Loudspeaker Design and Studio Design.

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AudioForum@ISE 2020 is dedicated to professionals with technical training and who come from the field of architectural and ambient design

Sound designers, system integrators, sound engineers, specialists in acoustics;

Architects, consultants, engineers;

Anyone involved in managing venues and facilities;


Not just a question of ears

Sound perception is a psychic activity of the brain: a neural activity where the environment, the cultural conditionings, the inputs received in the developmental age as the experience that matures in adulthood have a complex role.

Speaker: Valeria Gazzolla

Social Behavior group leader at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

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