ZAL, where details make a big difference


ZAL. The VR laboratory, where small projection details make a big difference.

At altitude little things matter; even small component failures are serious. That’s why the large VR laboratory at ZAL, Hamburg’s Center of Applied Aeronautical Research, pays huge attention to little things. Here, at the world’s third-largest civil aviation research site is a 4K, 3D, powerwall, planned and installed by Christie partners Viscon GmbH.

Designed so objects can be presented interactively using tracking; additional participants can join this virtual world using active shutter glasses. And while the 6×3 metre wide rear projection screen displays large objects at original dimensions – those crucial little details must remain clear and sharp. That calls for a projector with high resolution and output – a Christie Mirage 304K active stereo projector, and the only projector that can reproduce native 4K content in 3D with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, thanks to TruLife electronics.

A small Christie detail that makes a great deal of difference.

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