Reflections on simplifications and plug & play


For some time at ISE — just like in the market that the fair represents, of course—a dual trend has been noted: on one end is simplifying and integrating everything into the design phase of the product, in which the “machine” nearly loses the magnitude of a single product to enter into a system; consequently, the client ends up purchasing a complete solution that is integrated to the source, nearly plug & play, that also greatly simplifies the work of the Systems Integrator.

Many then ask themselves what the future holds for the professional who designs a unified installation, integrating products from different companies within it and causing them to dialogue with each other. Will the work of the Systems Integrator change? Or will it maybe tend to converge with a different figure that is closer to a consultant than a technician?

Professionals will certainly have to rethink their approach, even if companies find it very important to underline that, in their business models, the systems integrator will never be outdated and certainly not passed over. Indeed, they specify that they themselves, their distributors and offices in the territory, will never be able to monitor the territory as an agent can, for example, and that instead the next step must be to further tighten collaboration and hone strategies, in order to work in a synergistic manner with the client.

In any case, though both Systems Integrators and companies already know this, it will be useful to cultivate contacts with professional end users, with an approach for sharing the solution and the project.



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