How many brands by Prase at “Arcade and Food”!


Very strong presence of Prase Media Technologies brands in the original Roman venue “Arcade and Food”, which brings the 80s back to life through gaming and a carefully designed atmosphere.

“Arcade and Food”, that is: a journey back in time to land in the magical 80s, at least for an evening! We are talking about the only Italian restaurant that combines food and retrogaming, all in a vintage atmosphere wisely built thanks to the technological solutions adopted. Moreover, every week the restaurant hosts DJs and organizes live music evenings, as well as offering TV shows and cult cartoon, obviously from the 80s.
To create the right atmosphere, “Arcade and Food” commissioned Elettroservizi, which designed the audio and video solutions, paying attention to respecting the strong personality of the venue and enhancing customer services with the right technologies.

The MASK series speakers have been chosen for the two restaurant rooms, for internal shop and bathrooms. Specifically, the two environments dedicated to food were set up with twelve MASK6CTs, a versatile two-way model with a 6.5” woofer and a 1” tweeter that offers a uniform and clear audio diffusion, while the background music and announcements for the shop, in the two rooms dedicated to role-playing games and bathrooms, are entrusted to four MASK4CTs, a slightly smaller model with the 4.25” woofer and 1” tweeter. The sources and volumes of the four zones can be controlled, even remotely, independently thanks to the Apart Zone 4 premixer, which thanks to the micro/line inputs with phantom power also allows the paging function to manage orders from the counter. The audio system is completed with the Apart REVAMP4240T 4-channel power amplifiers, 4 x 240watt@100volts, and the TWVOL50 wall volume regulator.

“Ensuring a clear diffusion of speech and background music in every part of the venue and setting up an area for live music have been the objectives of the project. Choosing Apart and Turbosound products that offer modularity, scalability and uncompromising quality, we were able to meet their needs, and the result was definitely appreciated”, commented Mirko Gallico of Elettroservizi, who oversaw the design of the room.
And for live music evenings? The choice fell on an active Turbosound system consisting of two UQ15 cabinets, a 15” full-range two-way speaker and a 1” compression driver that boasts Klark Teknik D-class amplifiers, and the related 18” IQ18B subwoofer with a TFX152MAN monitor.

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