Panasonic presents new 4K Entry Level displays


The growth of the Panasonic Business 4K display range continues, with the new CQ1 series: six models for collaborative spaces.

Available in sizes ranging from 43” to 86”, the new Panasonic CQ1 series displays are designed to offer detailed, high-quality images, up to 4K/60p (3840 x 2160), for engaging and accurate presentations in meeting rooms, classrooms schools and offices.
All the displays offer a brightness of 400 cd/m2, therefore a little lower than other Panasonic series, but the two larger formats (models TH-86CQ1 and TH-75CQ1) are equipped with In Plane Switching panels, which ensure a high level of color fidelity and sharpness from every angle.
Other features of the series are the uninterrupted operation for 16 hours without maintenance and the presence of base terminals that support the HDMI CEC function to control different devices through a single remote control. Equipped with integrated speakers and base terminals, the CQ1 displays can be easily used without resorting to external devices. Furthermore, the series complies with VESA standards and allows the use of various types of generic mounting brackets.

“The CQ1 series, compared to the EQ1 and SQ1 series, has been designed for the Corporate environment, even in the case of low budgets”, said Huong Thanh Ngo, European Product Manager at Panasonic Business. “For example, in an educational space where the displays are mainly used for information sharing, 400 cd/m2 is considered a good level of brightness and no extended operating time is required.”
All new display models (TH-86CQ1 / TH-75CQ1 / TH-65CQ1 / TH-55CQ1 / TH50CQ1 / TH-43CQ1) will be available from September 2019.

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