Panasonic launches two new series of long-life projectors


Panasonic has launched a new line of short-throw projectors and a range of portable projectors, characterized by a lamp life of up to 20.000 hours and designed for extended use in educational and corporate environments.

The new Panasonic short-throw PT-TW371R series consists of four new models, each of which can work from just 75 cm away from the surface (PT-TX430/TX340 models) or 80 cm (PT-TW371R/TW370 models), reproducing an 80” image in both cases. Available in WXGA and XGA resolutions and with brightness from 3.200 to 3.800 lumens, the new short-throw range eliminates or drastically reduces the problem of shadow produced by speakers, in conference or educational contexts. The top of the range, PT-TW371R, is equipped with additional interactive features such as pen/pointer and whiteboard mode.
Panasonic has also introduced a new line of portable projectors consisting of six models, all equipped with 1.2x zoom lenses. The PT-LB425 series offers a range from 3.100 to 4.100 lumens and is available in WXGA and XGA versions.

A distinctive feature of the new models, both portable and short-throw, is the prolonged lamp replacement cycle, which reaches 20.000 hours of continuous operation. The filter replacement cycle was also extended up to 10.000 hours, which makes it possible to schedule maintenance interventions every 5-7 years, depending on how they are used. Both series provide a background noise of 30 dB, ideal for contexts such as meetings, seminars, lessons, where it is important to limit noise and distracting reasons.
The design is compact, with a contrast ratio of 16.000: 1 and the Daylight View function, to ensure optimal brightness even in very bright environments. All new models support both horizontal and vertical projection, and are suitable for a wide variety of environments.
With Memory Viewer and USB Display functions, along with the remarkable availability of terminals (HDMI, two computer input and two monitor output), both ranges offer a complete set of connectivity options to help business employees and students, allowing them to use their devices and share information during meetings and lessons.
The PT-TW371R and PT-LB425 series are available from December 2018.

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