OrCam MyEye: when technology has a social impact


OrCam MyEye also comes in Italy! It’s a technology that can support the daily life of blind, visually impaired and dyslexic people.

OrCam MyEye arrives on the Italian market with its innovative smart camera, to make everyday easier activities for blind, visually impaired or people with significant pathologies that prevent proper reading of words and messages. What is it about? In a nutshell, a wearable device communicating visual information through a smart camera attached to a computer/battery sized as a smartphone to be attached to the eyeglass wrist. A concrete example of how technology can become sustainable and develop purely social applications. The device was subjected to a test phase by the Italian Union of Blind and Visually Impaired people before the official press release at the Milan Institute of Blinds.

The technology behind OrCam MyEye allows easy and intuitive use. The device activates, depending on the case with the tip of a finger or with the eye movement, and allows to “read” texts, whether printed or in digital format: OrCam verbally transmits information collected through a speaker or through a headset.
Interesting is the advanced facial recognition feature, which is activated by turning the face in the direction of the person to be recognized: the device warns the user of the presence of someone in the immediate vicinity, indicating whether the subject is male or female and indicating whether is a young person or an adult. To save the name of the identified subject, just say it: the device will store the information to reuse it in case of subsequent meetings. You can also use OrCam MyEye as a clock, approaching the wrist to the smart camera on the glasses, and pronouncing the exact time: OrCam MyEye will store the information by giving you the current time whenever you repeat the same gesture.
On the technical plane, the camera measures 7.8cm x 1.25cm and weighs 31 grams, while the Base Unit measures 13cm x 2.2cm x 134cm and weighs 166 grams.


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