NEC launches the new generation of InfinityBoard


The new NEC InfinityBoard, a display solution for meetings, presentations, conferences and collaboration, is available in four versions, for each type of application.

The latest version of NEC’s InfinityBoard is a response to requests for new tools to maximize productivity and promote more efficient collaboration between teams in remote locations. Available in four different versions, InfinityBoard is a scalable all-in-one workspace, designed for every kind of scenario and meeting size: from brainstorming to content reviews, videoconferences and collaborative environments. Each version incorporates a professional InGlass touch UHD display, which offers smooth writing using a passive pen. Also included are a Huddly GO video conference room with wide-angle lens and speakers.
This display solution also includes an integrated OPS PC Slot with MS Windows 10 Professional to provide immediate access to the MS Office Suite, offering an open platform for software installations. A one-year subscription to Mosaic Hub – the application for interactive presentations, whiteboards, video conferencing and collaboration – is also provided to further improve meeting efficiency.

The new generation NEC InfinityBoard family is available with four-dimensional screens. The 55” version is designed for small meeting spaces with a limited number of people and provides an optimized collaboration soundbar, microphone and integrated camera. It can be transported, if necessary, from one room to another on a cart, also useful for informal and impromptu meetings in any place.
The 65” and 75” versions have been designed, instead, for scenarios with multiple presenters or with a large number of participants remotely connected. Finally, the 86” InfinityBoard solution offers a sufficiently large viewing surface for think tanks or large meeting rooms.
“In NEC” – explains Enrico Sgarabottolo, TIGI Sales Director – “we are committed to providing open and modular technology that allows people and teams to meet their potential within the existing IT infrastructure. Thanks to the different screen sizes, the new generation of InfinityBoard solution simplifies creation, collaboration and communication processes within any company.”

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