Mobotix and Milestone Systems, partnership for the Italian market


The two multinational companies will work together to develop cutting-edge technological solutions and projects throughout the national territory.

Mobotix and Milestone Systems, major worldwide companies in the IP video security sector, have formalized a commercial agreement valid for the whole Italian territory. From the synergy between the technological skills of the two companies, a collaboration is reaffirmed that has started since the beginning of 2018 and that combines the element of innovation of the respective solutions to the mutual know-how on the Italian market, all with the aim to design video surveillance systems tailored to the specific needs of the end user.
The agreement therefore represents an upgrade of an already established partnership that, relative to Italy, will allow the two companies to work in an even more capillary and structured way. A real “community” project is outlined, in which the perspective of study and observation of the reference market does not start exclusively from the product and its technological potential, but fits into a broader, less linked vision to functional parameters and more focused on the design component.
The joint efforts of Mobotix and Milestone Systems will therefore now be directed to markets of particular interest such as critical infrastructure, cultural heritage and transport. Meetings with system integrators and end users are also planned, aimed at making culture on the potential and added value of projects jointly signed by the two companies.
Alberto Vasta, Mobotix Regional Sales Manager for Italy and Malta, underlined “the importance of the relationship started now about a year ago with Milestone Systems, which allows us to propose real 360-degrees security solutions, in an integration perspective that responds to the needs of the most disparate market sectors and allows us to embark on a path of continuous growth and success.”
For his part, Alberto Bruschi, Italy Country Manager and Spain of Milestone Systems, commented: “When two brands can count on excellent products, the difference is represented by the ability of both to put them together on complex projects. The intent reaffirmed by Milestone Systems and Mobotix is to propose targeted solutions on specific vertical markets in which a product offering, in order to differentiate itself, cannot do without a thorough knowledge of the reference sector.”

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