LG revolutionizes the 55EF5E series: open frame OLED display with adjustable curvature


LG OLED flexible models are already available on the Italian market, promising image quality and vivid colors on thin, flexible and high-impact panels.

In the last year, on several occasions – at CES, ISE and IFA – the new OLED Canyon models by LG Electronics have been successful, in installations made up of many large Open Frame displays (60 displays at ISE, and even 246 at IFA and CES), arranged to simulate the undulating forms of a natural rock canyon. LG’s Signage Open Frame Curved OLEDs are now also available in Italy, through the LG Business Solutions division which presents the 55” EF5E series. Designed for professionals who want to create small, medium and large sized installations to differentiate their digital signage communication, these OLED Open Frame displays have a 1920×1080 Full HD resolution and can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

The main novelty consists in the possibility to set the desired degree of curvature through a special calibrator. Unlike the previous generation of curved but fixed displays, this new LG solution can adapt to any type of environment.
It is in fact superfluous to underline how the possibility of making monitors take unusual shapes opens up a large number of creative and exhibition options: for example, it is possible to create tunnels in which visual content and information wrap the spectators, or construct a semicircle structure to give life to immersive landscapes or to display images of beachwear in a wave-shaped layout. The adaptive curve of the 55EF5E series and its low weight makes it suitable even for very limited spaces or columns and pillars with very small radius. The curve of the panel, in fact, can be changed even after first use, in case of successive installations. A single display can therefore adapt to different projects. The possibility to set the curve directly in the location makes it even easier for installers.
The displays have OLED technology, based on self-illuminating pixels, without any backlit units, which means that when a pixel is off, there is no latent light in the background. The area appears completely black, and the contrast the contrast has definitely improved.

A comment by Nicola Micali, LG’s Business Solutions Product & Marketing Manager, announces the presentation of this interesting new line: “During the events we attended this year” – he said – “from the CES of Las Vegas to the IFA of Berlin, passing through the Amsterdam ISE, we received a lot of positive feedback on our adjustable curved OLED Open Frames. We would like to highlight the highly innovative character of the 55EF5E series, with a curvature that can be modified according to needs and with an important added value: that of reusability in case of subsequent installation in different contexts.”


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