LG AC Smart 5: new standards in intelligent control


The new 5th generation AC Smart 5 LG control system offers improvements both in the user interface and in operational efficiency.

The new control solution by LG, AC Smart 5, is equipped with a wide range of cutting-edge functions and a very flexible user interface, and offers an increase in control capabilities compared to its predecessors. This is how Gianluca Figini, Air Solution Director of LG Electronics Italia, defines AC Smart 5: “It’s the result of the convergence between the experience gained by the company in the field of control solutions and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. With this solution, we are certain that we have created a control system capable of responding to users’ needs in an extremely effective manner. Thanks to important functionalities in terms of control and compatibility, AC Smart 5 satisfies the needs of practicality and connection of the users, guaranteeing the maximum operating efficiency in managing the air conditioning of their own environments.”
A distinctive feature of AC Smart 5 is its simple and flexible user interface. In addition to the 10,2” LCD screen, the new model is equipped with an HTML5 compatible platform, accessible from PC, smartphone and tablet. The user interface can adapt to used device, allowing users to manage a variety of control functions directly from their devices, ranging from programming to monitoring the state of operation and energy consumption.
Another basic feature of AC Smart 5 is the advanced control, which offers the user a more advanced system management. In addition to the control of functions such as switching on and off, the AC Smart 5 is in fact capable of simultaneously managing several complex tasks. The integrated control of multiple units allows AC Smart 5 to manage up to 128 indoor units and devices spread over large surfaces, even in multiple buildings.
Finally, the extended compatibility of AC Smart 5 makes the systems more efficient, thanks to the integration with different devices and products. Since a BMS system interface is integrated in AC Smart 5, the command can be integrated directly with the building management system, without the need for an additional BMS gateway.


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