Suzuki France chooses Sony for digital signage


In 106 Suzuki stores, digital signage has been recently updated, and is signed by Sony, with a complete solution that simplifies content management and distribution

Suzuki has chosen Sony to update its digital signage systems and to build a solution able to modernize the stores and the main offices throughout France. Julien Garcia, Head of Marketing at Suzuki France, introduces the question: “We asked Sony with an important request: to simplify the process both for sales points and for our AV teams in the main offices.”
Suzuki in fact had an existing infrastructure with limited scalability, which could not keep up with business growth. Instead, the company needed an intuitive AV solution that would allow collaboration, ensure greater smoothness, simplify work and optimize management and operational processes.

Sony has therefore already provided a complete digital signage solution to 106 of the 180 Suzuki stores in France, and the supply will be completed soon. Each store is equipped with a BRAVIA Professional Display and a TEOS Digital Signage solution. The BRAVIA displays provide Suzuki with a greater impact in the visual distribution of the message, in 4K and with improved color rendering. TEOS instead is a complete single source solution that simplifies the management and distribution of content, eliminating the need to use multiple suppliers.
Julien Garcia commented on the realization of the project: “The entire installation process was very simple and each store had the only requirement to connect your BRAVIA Professional Display to the Internet, using a wired or Wi-Fi connection. In the main offices the TEOS solution has gained considerable acclaim from our designers, who are now able to quickly and easily establish a connection by logging on to the web with ID and password. In addition, from the platform they can create, plan and share content with everyone or instantly select points of sale using an intuitive interface.”
On the wave of this success, the new Sony’s TEOS tablet solutions will soon be tested by Suzuki, which will replace all the printed descriptions in the points of sale.

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