Genelec in Sweden… takes legal action!


The well-known Swedish lawfirm Cederquist has chosen Genelec audio quality to improve its working environment

Cederquist is a top-ranked independent Swedish law firm, regarded as one of the leading specialist business law firms in the Swedish market. With over 150 employees including 95 lawyers, Cederquist occupies over 3000 sqm in the beautiful Blasieholmen district of Stockholm.
The company recently commissioned architecture and interior design firm, Studio Stockholm, along with architectural lighting designers, Node Ljusdesign, and Genelec integration partner, JML-System, to create a space that would function efficiently as an office yet feel like a welcoming living space. A variety of Genelec AV speakers were selected as an integral part of the solution.

According to JML-System’s Andreas Savela, who project-managed the Cederquist installation, one of the biggest challenges was finding a loudspeaker – or range of loudspeakers – capable of managing acoustically challenging environments born of strong design language using lots of natural (often reflective) materials such as polished concrete, glass, marble etc.
Studio Stockholm has created an amazing space, but with so many challenges to face in terms of audio”, commented Savela. “We decided to install twelve AIC25 ceiling speakers in four rows of three speakers each. Thanks to the fantastic bass response of the AIC25s, this was sufficient to provide excellent coverage and detailed sound throughout the area, even against high levels of background noise and reverberation from the surrounding areas.”

Throughout the rest of the building, JML-System used a mixture of the compact, active two-way 4020C installation speaker, which is ideal for applications where space is limited, and its larger, more powerful sibling, the 4030C for areas requiring a bit more punch. “We found that the 4020Cs were perfect for Cederquist’s meeting rooms,” continued Savela. “Previously the company had struggled to obtain clear sound in their conference rooms. However, although the distances are relatively large, such is the superior intelligibility of the Genelec speakers that the compact 4020Cs were more than adequate for vocal reinforcement and presentation purposes, even in big spaces.

That said, for the staff gym we opted for the bigger 4030Cs as this is a music-based rather than speech-based environment, and when people are pumping iron or weighing into a punchbag, they tend to want much higher volumes than for their corporate meetings!” Another area where JML-System opted for 4030Cs was in the lounge/dining area, which is quite a large space, although the atmosphere is intimate. JML-System decided to use the more powerful 4030Cs as fewer of them would be needed to achieve the same amount of coverage, and mounting options were limited.

“In order to blend in perfectly and ensure that there were no unwanted vibrations propagating from the speaker cabinet to the shelves, we mounted each speaker on a Genelec Iso-Pod. This is an ingenious rubberised stand that offers excellent vibration isolation and damping properties, and also enables the speaker to be safely tilted +/- 15 degrees for the best possible listening axis. It also looks pretty cool!” concluded Andreas Savela.
Genelec brand is distributed in Italy by Prase Media Technologies.

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