D-Link Assist, the free RMA replacement service


D-Link has introduced a new advanced RMA replacement service for company products, to minimize network outages and company downtimes.

Replacement is guaranteed within the next working day: this is the strong point of D-Link Assist, a new service offered by D-Link, the well-known company that deals with the development of network infrastructures. D-Link Assist is offered as a standard service for all company-level network switches, wireless access points and surveillance cameras.
In today’s world, in fact, the corporate network is the backbone of business operations. This means that the ability to quickly restore systems in the event of a failure is fundamental. To meet this need, D-Link has introduced the advanced RMA replacement, free of charge and within the business day following the one in which the problem occurred, for all company products sold with a minimum guarantee of 5 years.
The D-Link Assist service came into effect from 1 May 2019 throughout Europe, and is also available for all products with a 2-year and 3-year warranty, if the 3 years optional warranty extension was purchased. In addition to the advanced RMA replacement service, D-Link Assist also offers services such as on-site installation and configuration, as well as surveys for wired and wireless networks and video surveillance implementation planning.

“Today, for most companies, there is absolutely no time for interruptions and inactivity”, observes Stefano Nordio, Vice President of D-Link Europe. “The interruption of a network system can not only cause serious financial consequences, but also damage customer relationships. With our new advanced RMA replacement service, free and within the next business day, and our planning, installation and configuration services, we can work with our customers to address the typical interruptions of the new digital age.”


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