Domotics: the AVE design dresses the KNX technology


The purpose is to enhance the KNX technology; the means to do this is AVE Sistema 44, with its particular aesthetics, as well as intelligent solutions designed for an increasingly demanding, complex and evolving market.

AVE has always maintained that “domotics” does not just mean innovation and technology, but also design, with targeted aesthetics designed for each environment. For this reason, the new range of KNX-certified controls, a globally recognized standard for the automated and decentralized management of home automation systems for residential and commercial use, has been developed to meet the aesthetic needs of the systems.
With state-of-the-art technology, which allows you to control all the functions integrated within buildings and homes, AVE combines a refined design, the strength of the entire production of the company. In short, the goal is to allow the creation of home automation systems that are not only efficient and simple to configure, thanks to KNX devices, but also pleasing to the eye.

The KNX range, in fact, is aesthetically coordinated with all the AVE Sistema 44 civil series (Life, Domus, Allumia and Tekla). In this way it is easy to find the right combination to satisfy the tastes of users and combine KNX technology with the design solutions of the target environment. Sistema 44 offers many design possibilities, finishes and materials to customize KNX commands. The KNX command user interface can also be customized by configuring it to signal the presence of alarms, the status of the associated loads or call repetition via multi-color LEDs. The KNX range is available both in the touch version (which can be completed with Vera Touch glass plates, in Allumia Touch aluminum or in Young Touch technopolymer) and traditional, both complete with elements for two and three modules for Sistema 44.
Both of these solutions, touch and traditional, offer the recognition of the pressure time (short or long): it’s possible to set up to eight commands on the two modules and up to 12 commands on the three modules. The KNX toggle commands also introduce the new multi-action function, which allows you to recall multiple actions simultaneously, as if it were a native scenario in the button.

In short, the new KNX range by AVE allows you to control all the integrated buildings and homes functions: lighting, shutters, alarms and video surveillance, monitoring of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, water control, energy optimization, management of meters for electricity and appliances, or sound systems. All of this, in the conviction – reiterated once again – that home automation is also a style choice.

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