One hundred Solstice Pod Mersive at the BNL headquarters in Rome


There are about one hundred Mersive Solstices Pods installed to simplify and protect the flow of information in the new management headquarters of BNL, an important Italian bank belonging to the BNP Paribas group.

The new headquarters of the General Management of BNL in Rome covers an area of 75.000 square meters, in a building already awarded with several awards. With the installation of 115 Solstice Pod in the halls and in the spaces dedicated to the meetings, began the collaboration between BNL – belonging to the BNP Paribas Group – and Mersive, collaboration immediately replicated with the subsequent installation of another 15 Solstice Pods at the Milan headquarters and 20 in another building in Rome.
With a surface area of 75.000 m2, twelve floors and four underground levels, the building, developed by BNP Paribas Real Estate and designed by the architectural firm 5+1AA, has a very innovative design that integrates it into the surrounding urban context, and hosts up to to 3.300 workstations, as well as a training center, an auditorium and other facilities. The project also stands out for the high environmental sustainability of the building, which in July 2016 received the “The Plan 2016” award for best real estate development for office use.
The areas in which Solstice Pods play a fundamental role range from informal spaces for just two people to large meeting rooms that can accommodate up to twenty participants. The larger rooms are equipped with videoconferencing facilities, with the Pods configured to allow sharing of the content displayed on the screen via the videoconference connection.

Antonio Amoroso, Technical Architect of BNL BNP Paribas Group, stated: “In our new headquarters we wanted to make the most advanced technology available, to optimize collaboration and make information sharing quick and easy. Moreover, since we operate in the financial sector, data protection and their centralized management are of fundamental importance. We looked for the right wireless solution to create a rational, simple and inclusive work environment. The Solstices Pod Mersive were the perfect solution, because they allow the connection of numerous devices to a single screen without any risk of data breach or virus spread.”
Alessio Taverni, Reply’s Project Manager, the system integrator who was in charge of the installation, said: “From the perspective of the meeting participant, Mersive technology is extraordinarily easy to use. After a simple and intuitive App has been installed on the device, to access any screen simply enter the code that appears on the screen itself. At this point the user can decide to share all the contents displayed on his device, or only one window. The App is available for all popular platforms: Windows, Android, iOS.”
Finally, the ease of installation of Solstice Pod Mersive should not be underestimated. Alessio Taverni observes: “The units were really plug and play. It was enough to connect them to the screen and to the corporate network so that they appeared in the centralized management interface and were basically ready for use. This is our first installation of Mersive products and we have not encountered any problems or difficulties whatsoever ”.

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