Senso – Immersive Experience creates the icon of the Fashion Research Italy Foundation


In Bologna was inaugurated the Fashion Research Italy, a great space for training and exhibition created to convey fashion know-how. Amazingly, as usual, the contribution of Senso – Immersive Experience, which has devised and installed an artwork celebrating fashion and woman

“Woman’s Statue”: the name of the artwork – in its basic simplicity – encloses all the pregnancy of this design conceived by Mick Odelli and Senso – Immersive Experience. The location: Fashion Research Italy, a new center dedicated to fashion, designed by Alberto Masotti, recently inaugurated in the historic headquarters of La Perla Group, in Bologna, via del Fonditore. This is a futuristic training-exhibition space, a sort of permanent workshop with a great technological footprint, where learning, experimenting, sharing quality and professionalism from product to marketing and communication. A mix of design and technology, the ideal habitat for a creation of Senso – Immersive Experience, which has been asked to create an icon, symbol and heart of fashion dedicated polo.

The result is “Woman’s Statue”, a complex job that took four months to design, another four months for the search for the best suppliers, a month of assembly, and a month of installation. “Woman’s Statue” was born to celebrate the femininity and the deep link between women and fashion history”, says Nicoletta Caporaletti, Key Account for Senso-Immersive Experience and Project Manager for this project.
The 21.120 LEDs embedded within 5.280 opal white balls make “Woman Statue” one of the largest 3D LED sculptures in the world.
In this statue medium and message work together, emphasizing the emotional aspect and transforming the icon into a multi-sensorial experience, as Mick Odelli says: “This sculpture represents the most artistic soul of Senso, coupled with an advanced technology. It represents the extreme polarity of a creative studio where engineers, architects and artists sit in the same table. On the other hand, it is the tangible expression of the idea that the medium is never neutral. Technology is the means for which, prior to the message, we anticipate a part of what we intend to communicate.”

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