LG launches the LED Wall line on the Italian market


The LED Wall line is now also available for the Italian market in the two Indoor and Outdoor categories, for any type of environment.

The Business Solutions division of LG Electronics has announced the introduction on the Italian market of the innovative LED Wall line, able to offer new possibilities and solutions to the Business market, tailored and in line with customer needs. The LED display lineup is divided into two categories: Indoor, designed to meet all the requirements for indoor installations, and Outdoor, for situations in which it’s important to give maximum visibility to contents in outdoor spaces.

Among the indoor solutions proposed by LG, the LAP and LAPE series feature a reduced pixel pitch ranging from 1,0 to 2,5 mm and a brightness of 1,000 nits, and offer vivid image quality in any indoor environment, from shopping centers to conference rooms. The LG LAPE LED display series is characterized by ultra-thin profiles that allow easy installation, both in the case of wall mounting and suspension. This solution allows curved installations of various shapes, which adapt to particular contexts. The modules can create a concave or convex curve, allowing the screens to follow the different architectural structures or to create interesting shapes.
The LED LAP series is the latest and most innovative LG offering for indoor use, thanks to the high image quality and the reduced 1,0 mm pixel pitch. The elegant design makes this solution suitable for all types of business, from television studios to airports to control rooms, to company headquarters as well as to flagship stores.
The Outdoor line consists instead of five different series that, thanks to a brightness that varies from 5,500 to 8,000 nits, offer a wide choice for all types of spaces where it is essential to give maximum visibility to the contents. Part of this line is the LBS series, with two variants designed for stadium installations, sports facilities and digital advertising spaces where different resolutions and steps are required based on the usage scenario.

For example, in the Atletico Madrid stadium, the “Wanda Metropolitano”, four huge LG LED displays have been positioned, which allow you to view game actions from every point of the stadium.
The technology of these new LED Walls has been defined as “absolutely revolutionary” by Nicola Micali, LG’s Business Solutions Product & Marketing Manager. Micali then continued: “From meeting rooms to control rooms, from television studios to conference spaces, without forgetting the retail environment, these displays are the perfect solution for the many needs of the business world, contemporary and future, and for the many possibility of implementation.”


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