24 SC Series by Gewiss


Recently included by Gewiss to its catalog of solutions dedicated to commercial sector, the new range of underfloor outlet boxes 24 SC Series have been designed to meet the increasing requirements in terms of protection, connectivity and energy withdraw.

24 SC Series include underfloor outlet box models for 10 or 20 System modules by Gewiss, equipped with a trafficable cover both with hollow cover (for inserting finishes such as linoleum, carpet, etc.) or stainless steel finish.

For a wide selection of equipment to suit different installation environment, the internal compartment of the 24 SC Series outlet boxes can house both the black and white components of the System domestic range by Gewiss (in the self-bearing 5-module supports supplied), and the DIN rail devices with the special accessory; hence, the outlet boxes act as a point of distribution for the electrical system and data network.

The cover can be assembled on either side, depending on the required opening direction. To prevent the cables being crushed when the cover is closed, the two slots near the outlet allow the cables to be fixed with the ties supplied. Easy to configure Thanks to the use of the mobile dividers supplied (that can be installed in two positions for each compartment), is possible to combine both data components and power takeoff components.

For informations: www.gewiss.com

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