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At Digital Signage Expo 2012 (6-9 March, Las Vegas), LG Electronics expand its line of commercial display solutions introducing its largest LED display yet and enhancements to its EzSign TV products.

Introduced as its largest LED display yet, the new 72WS70 is designed to bring picture quality, installation versatility and energy efficiency to a diverse customer base with large-scale signage needs, such as hotel lobbies, theaters and shopping centers, as well as interactive airport and transportation environments.

Equipped with Local Dimming capability, the 72WS70 offers remarkable lighting control by allowing sections of the LED array located behind the screen to dim or turn off entirely. The result is clarity, deeper blacks and richer colors for better contrast and color accuracy.

LG’s IPS panel technology helps display content for off-angle viewing (both horizontal and vertical), resulting in a display that can be installed at virtually any angle or height. Also, LG’s LED displays are equipped with an additional 700nit of high intensity brightness compared with conventional LED display products, making them particularly useful for open environments such as shopping malls and stadiums.

Concerning signage features, thee 72WS70 integrate a media player for content distribution; the monitor offers a user friendly interface through its use of LG’s proprietary web-based management platform, SuperSign Elite-w Lite. This platform allows users to create and run dynamic content using pre-loaded templates and offers quick navigation through menus to control networked displays and simultaneously run media files, such as video, images, audio and flash.

LG is also highlighting its expanded line of EzSign TV digital signage solutions, which now includes two new LED series (LT560E and LV355B) and more screen sizes.

The LED LT560E and LV355B series offer Full HD 1080p display capability (720p for the 31.5-inch 32 LT560E) in sleek and energy-efficient packages. LED backlighting, along with a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, allows for deeper blacks and richer colors, creating better contrast, clarity and color detail. LG’s LED series will be available in 32-inch, 37-inch , 42-inch , 47-inch and 55-inch (only LV355B) class sizes.

“We understand that business owners need to engage their customers quickly and effectively to provide the best ROI (return on investment) for their company,” said Dan Smith, director of Digital Signage Sales, LG Electronics USA. “LG’s versatile technology portfolio is designed to create an interactive, engaging experience for consumers. With the addition of LG’s largest LED display and new LED EzSign TVs, LG’s product line offers intuitive, user-friendly and effective solutions for enhanced information sharing for a wide variety of vertical markets and venues.”

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