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The italian company presents new product ranges to major international exhibitions, starting from the Intersec fair in Dubai and then back to Europe for ISE, in Amsterdam from February 5th to 8th.

Paso always played a key role in the sound diffusion and voice evacuation market and, as usual, foreign fairs are an excellent occasion for new products to be presented. Main news of ISE 2019 will be the voice evacuation compact systems. The PAW family, which already included the PAW3502-V model and the PAW4500-VES range, is now extended with the PAW5500 range which consist of two different ranges: PAW5500-VES range (models PAW5502-V, PAW5504- V, PAW5506-V / 500W / 2-4-6 zones) and PAW51K-VES range (models PAW51K4-V, PAW51K6-V / 1000W / 4-6 zones). Both series offer technical improvements and new functional features including an integrated SD / USB reader for reading mp3 files, multilingual management software, a dual LINK line for connection to other PAW units, independent 3-band equalizer for each zone, the possibility of inserting new cards that allow the addition of 2 or 6 musical inputs. An optional kit also makes it possible to rack-mount these new devices. 

These new PAW5500-VES and PAW51K-VES families will be protagonist of ISE 2019 along with many other news from the professional audio world. Discover them together with Paso experts at booth 7-R220!

Technical and functional features of the new PAW5500-VES and PAW51K-VES models are:

  • rated audio output: 500W/1000W overall, distributable freely among the zones with a maximum limit of 250 W per single zone;
  • backlit 4.3” display with touch screen for selecting the alert and evacuation zones and enabling navigation for adjusting volume levels, configuring the equipment and viewing failures;
  • handheld fireman’s microphone (included);
  • double A+B output for each zone;
  • automatic stand-by amplifier management;
  • sending out of pre-recorded EVACUATION and ALERT messages;
  • sending out of pre-recorded BROADCAST messages;
  • playing back of pre-recorded messages via monitor loudspeaker;
  • double LINK line for connecting other PAW units (up to a total of 6 units);
  • multilanguages management;
  • built-in SD/USB input for background music mp3 player;
  • 7 off controlled contact inputs, configurable for active playing the evacuation and/or alert messages to the programmed zones or for reset;
  • 1 off music input for sound sources and 1 off auxiliary input;
  • 3 off configurable relay outputs for faults/emergency conditions;
  • event log (list of failures and/or alarms that have occurred in the system);
  • protected local button for placing the system in an emergency state, equipped with its own LED;
  • local reset button;
  • 3-band equalisation for each zone outputs and 3-band equalisation for music inputs;
  • timer to set the automatic broadcast messages sending out;
  • independent selection on each zone of the various audio sources (MUSIC IN, AUX IN, MP3 player and EXT);
  • up to 8 pre-recorded messages can be retrieved from outside through input contacts (of which 2 fixed emergency messages – 1 alert and 1 evacuation message – plus 6 that can be classed as emergency / evacuation / broadcast messages);
  • up to 16 PMB106-G and/or PMB112-G broadcasting microphone stations can be connected;
  • up to 4 PMB132 remote emergency units can be connected (or, as an alternative, 2 touchscreen units TSB8500-V);
  • EN54-4 certified battery charger unit for 24Vdc secondary power supply (batteries not included).

Among optional features, the mounting on 19” rack (with ACPAW-RCK accessory kit), the internal expansion card ACPAW-2IN for two additional music inputs (EXT 1 and EXT 2), the internal expansion card ACPAW-6IN with DSP for six additional music inputs and the possibility to set up to 4 broadcasting stations for local calls only (zones of the unit to which they are connected).



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