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The Prase universe, as we know, is vast and varied, populated by different brands and products unified by technological innovation and the drive to improve systems and installations. The news this month comes mostly from Storm Audio and Amina.

In the Prase Media Technologies galaxy, the news follow one another, and it could not be otherwise, because under the Prase brand, in Italy, many brands are distributed with their products.
Let’s start with an announcement by Storm Audio, whose products are now compatible with Dolby Vision. Thanks to compatibility with Netflix and AppleTV, Dolby Vision has become a benchmark in the High Dynamic Range standard. The constant development of Storm Audio firmware now allows you to enjoy Dolby Vision with compatible TV and projector, with firmware version V3.4r2 and HDMI 7 + 2 module.

We are in the world of audio, but we change the range of applications, with the Amina brand, which presented Edge3, the invisible speaker for large projects with special attention to costs.
Amina Edge3 is added to the Edge series, and offers a slightly smaller design, 300x400mm, like the iQ3 model, with BackboxCV300 for plasterboard installations. In practice, this is a diffuser that combines a sensitivity of 86 dB 1 m/2.83 Vrms, a power of 30 W and a maximum SPL of 101 dB. The very competitive price is the icing on the cake of this new high performance invisible speaker.
For now, it’s all from the Prase galaxy, but other news won’t be long in coming!

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