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Our Spanish business trip to discover an organization that is highly oriented towards education for professionals that work in the audio world and in AV systems integration.

On Wednesday, 14 November, Connessioni’s editorial staff flew to Valencia to visit Equipson, the renowned brand for professional audio solutions. Our host was Juan José Vila, COO & CMO of the Spanish company (and also the son of Equipson founder and CEO José Luis Vila), who shared with us their philosophy, future strategies and business structure.

Founded in 1994 as a small distributor of audio-video solutions, Equipson now finds itself in 2018, on the threshold of its 25th anniversary, with 80 employees and a solid group composed of three companies — Equipson, Fantek and Audiomusic — that are engaged in creating professional AVL systems for AV systems integrators in over 50 countries around the world.

Education above all!
If we had to identify a common thread during our Equipson press tour, we would certainly talk about education. “The group’s mission is strongly tied to transmitting technological expertise and practical instruments for integrating our AV solutions as best as possible,” explains Juan José Vila, who joined Equipson in 2001 after graduating with a degree in electrical engineering. “We do this through a rich calendar of classes that we organize here at our headquarters. Only with the right know-how is it possible to select the right products for creating a high-performing system that meets the needs of the end user.” This thought is so rooted in Equipson’s corporate culture that, just on the day of our visit alone, two different training courses were underway: one course for audio technicians and another training course dedicated to lighting and the cutting-edge product LightShark.

The second driver of the Spanish firm’s success is passion. This starts with a passion for music, which sees founder José Luis Vila as the bass player in a group that is still very active today and is also witnessed by the exceptional collection of guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and amplifiers that we had the fortune of visiting at Equipson. It’s no coincidence that the Spanish firm has collaborated with Yamaha Europe since 2009 for the creation and distribution of the WorkPro range, an innovative offering for controlling audio installations which is currently just focused on the Scandinavian market.

From Audio over IP to smart lighting to lifting
Of Equipson’s vast catalogue, BlueLine Digital stands out as an advanced system for Audio over IP signal control that streams via Ethernet, allowing for content transmission and multiple channel management with very low latency. The solution is cost-effective, secure and can be quickly installed, all features that make it highly appreciated by global systems integrators.
The LightShark multi-platform solution for lighting control (up to 8 DMX), instead, is equipped with an ultra-fast web interface capable of connecting up to 3 displays at once for personalizing multiscreen control systems. The plug & play offering, ideal for use in clubs, DJ sets, mid-sized corporate events, schools, places of worship and more, recently obtained two recognitions at the AV Awards 2018.

Between 2013 and 2014, the Equipson family welcomed Fantek, an historic manufacturer of American structures and lifting towers, thus adding a new division dedicated to lifters to their AV catalogue. “Our goal is to reinforce the specialization of the various brands,” adds the Spanish director, “while also offering a wide range of structural solutions to professionals of the audiovisual sector. This mission is shared by the entire Equipson world.”

As far as we can tell, the Spanish firm appears to be a growing company, ready to embrace new market opportunities and integrate further production and commercial possibilities.

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