Denon, two new products on the market


Distributed by Prase Media Technologies, the Denon brand has two interesting innovations in the areas of media players and Bluetooth audio receivers.

Let’s start with DN-700CB, a new media player that stands out for its versatility, which adds RS-232C functionality and total network control. This Denon product allows you to listen to files from CDs, USB, Bluetooth devices and other files on the local network, and also offers a 3,5mm AUX input for connecting external playback devices. Designed especially for shops, places of worship, classrooms, hotels and conference rooms, the DN-700CB has a very intuitive web-based interface that allows control of every aspect of the equipment, even by unskilled personnel.

Equally interesting is the introduction of the new DN-300BR, Bluetooth 4.0 audio receiver which occupies a rack unit, equipped with professional audio outputs, which offers a Bluetooth stereo wireless connectivity in a professional audio system. DN-300BR can manage up to eight devices in its internal memory. The paired Bluetooth device can send audio via balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA jacks to mixers, amplified speakers or amplification systems. The bluetooth antenna can be mounted frontally or on the back of the equipment, to facilitate reception up to 33 meters away. Also in this case, it’s a product designed essentially for shops, bars, hotels and conference rooms.
An important additional feature is the Euroblock connection on the back of the unit, for remote pairing, useful when DN-300BR is not easily accessible. The front panel offers a control knob for the output level and a coupling LED.
The Denon brand is distributed by Prase Media Technologies.

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