Finnish sound for a French restaurant in Denmark


A real techno-gastronomic meltin’ pot is made by the Anker restaurant, in Aarhus, Denmark: a French-inspired restaurant “dressed” by the Genelec’s Finnish sound quality.

Just opened on the waterfront of Nordhaven, in Aarhus, Anker describes himself as “the least French French brasserie in Denmark”: much attention is paid to the quality of the food and the structuring of the atmosphere, relaxed and welcoming. This is why audio plays a very important role, and the owners have decided to use a Genelec system based on the 4020C compact speaker, explicitly designed for installation. The restaurant required a flexible, high quality solution that could be zoned into three different areas. Each space has its own AV system including screens and projectors. The audio system therefore needed to be flexible enough to cater for any zoning possibility, and of sufficiently high quality to remain crystal clear at low levels.

The system consists of seven 4020C loudspeakers in a black finish and a further four 4020Cs in white along with a Soundcraft UI16 mixer for distribution and control, MIPRO wireless microphones and customised audio playback from My Instore Radio. The 4020C loudspeakers are ideal size-wise being nice and compact. Coverage is excellent and the calibration controls on the back of the loudspeakers enabled to optimise the performance of each speaker in relation to the room.
As Genelec’s installation loudspeakers are active, it’s easy to add more if necessary and you don’t have to worry about finding more room in the amp rack. The Genelec’s products are easy to use, easy to install and all of them are nice quality, with a great deal of attention to design, characterized by a typically Nordic taste: the Genelec speakers look like this, and with the Anker restaurant add a piece to the mosaic of their successes around the world. Enjoy your meal!
Genelec is a distributed brand in Italy by Prase Media Technologies.

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