Happy birthday Wi-Fi


Even the digital world is ageing: who would have thought 20 years ago that wireless networks would become fundamental to our daily lives? Wi-Fi has revolutionised the way we live, work and relate to our colleagues. And it is specifically on the professional domain that our brief reflection focuses, taking inspiration from a recent article by Perry Correll, Director of Competitive Intelligence at Extreme Networks. For over 20 years, in fact, Wi-Fi has been at the heart of corporate connectivity, and continues to be today: regardless of the expansion of the wireless ecosystem, this standard will continue to coexist with 5G, CBRS and other next-generation technologies for connecting people, devices and communities.

The Wi-Fi Alliance confirms that there are more than 13 billion devices in the world connected via this protocol, which still carries more data traffic than other wireless technologies. Today, Wi-Fi enables intelligent schools with multimedia whiteboards and screens; intelligent hospitals with transfusion pumps, patient monitoring and video systems; intelligent homes with locks, lights, music and TV; and intelligent factories with production systems and conveyor belts always connected. In the office, users have adopted laptops, tablets and smartphones so they can work anywhere, anytime.

Interconnected experiences, at all times and in all circumstances
It is an evolution of clients and infrastructure (access points), with the development of cloud solutions, to move in the direction of large spaces. The market demands reliable and high-performance solutions regardless of the location: whether it’s a stadium, a hotel, a shopping centre, or a university, the demand for 24/7 connectivity continues to grow with the evolving digital transformation that pervades all areas of system integration.

So what can we expect in the years to come? Wi-Fi is the default wireless technology for most corporate devices, so any switch to other platforms would not happen quickly. This is also thanks to the latest generation – known as High-Efficiency Wireless or Wi-Fi 6 – designed for better system-level performance. Given the need to improve efficiency, WI-Fi 6 technology is designed to alleviate congestion in high-density environments and offer additional benefits to businesses, starting with optimising IoT installations for the implementation of video conferencing systems, supporting the increase in connections and improving the user experience.

If the first 20 years have been revolutionary to say the least, the next 20 years will be no less so, promising new and exciting innovations!



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