BenQ, clear position against mercury


BenQ has joined the United Nations Minamata Convention to minimize mercury content. As is known, LED and laser video projectors eliminate the mercury present in traditional lamps.

In the field of DLP video projectors, BenQ is one of the most famous brands in the world. Therefore, the news of its adhesion to the United Nations Minamata Convention on mercury is really important. The Minamata Convention is an international treaty aimed at protecting human health and the environment from the harmful effects of mercury, which has been ratified by over 100 UN countries in 2013 and has been in force since 2017. The objective of the agreement is to reduce the production of mercury-containing products as much as possible by 2020.

In compliance with the agreement, the BenQ video projectors with LED light source and BlueCore laser do not contain mercury. These are video projectors that can be used for a wide range of applications, from home entertainment to offices, from conference rooms to installation in large spaces.
The Treaty of Minamata, however, does not currently limit the lamps of the video projectors; therefore, all BenQ lamp projectors can continue to be sold and used without restrictions.
BenQ is committed to its responsibility towards the environment by investing in the most advanced energy efficiency technology and products”, said Conway Lee, President of BenQ Corporation. “We are offering our customers the best product experience and intelligent technologies both with lamp projectors and with mercury-free LED and laser models, in full compliance with the Minamata Convention.”

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