ATEN: a wide range of videowall solution, with the newly added Unizon


The ATEN VM series offer a very wide range of solutions for video wall installations, with the addition of a new software for the centralized management this gets even more expanded.

Let’s start with the numbers, because numbers always make the difference. From 4 to 32 video sources and from 4 to 32 displays: this is what the ATEN VM series can do in signal distribution. Because creating a large video wall essentially means, in addition to having good displays, being able to distribute multiple signals that compose it.

The VM series matrices are there for all needs, they offer different interfaces (HDMI, DVI, HDBaseT) but they share a fundamental characteristic: they can be set both in matrix mode and in videowall mode. To distribute even more signals,  it’s always possible to use the modular ATEN matrices, which can be adapted to all needs with their modular design. The VM series allows Seamless Switching, eliminating any black screen that might appear when switching the video source. A scaler allows you to unify various video resolutions from different sources to adapt them to the corresponding displays, thus ensuring perfect integration with video walls: video content, in fact, can be enlarged or reduced to obtain the best output resolutions.

And finally, a particularly intuitive WebGUI allows users not only to switch from one source to another, but also to create custom profiles, set the displays bezel and enable any image scaling, to limit ourselves to the main features.

The Unizon software
The ATEN Unizon software, designed to centralize and optimize AV/IT management with ATEN’s Global AV Management Platform, is now added to the wide range of solutions. In practice, a server-based software solution that allows users to manage, monitor and control multiple ATEN matrices in real time, regardless of your location.

Unizon is easy to implement and is not limited by the size of the system: large or small, the software can easily manage it. The user interface is intuitive and allows AV/IT administrators to plan and execute common AV tasks and activities by batch using a grouping function. Furthermore, in the case of anomalous events, the software sends a notification to the administrators and records the event for tracking.

An old slogan of success was: power is nothing, without control! The same could be said of the ATEN systems, embellished by Unizon: extension and capillarity are nothing without adequate centralized control. Unizon can also automatically detect the conditions of the device: connection status, hardware conditions and firmware version, to have a clear overview of the complete installation at any time. The access authorization level is obviously customizable, and the software supports all the most advanced web browsers.

There is no excuse: with ATEN, videowalls are easy to setup and maintain!

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