IONO: the new DIN-rail based on Arduino


Sfera Labs is the new HYSCO’s division dedicated to the develop of devices for professional automation based on innovative platforms that comes from the “makers” word like Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Sfera Labs is launching it’s first product: IONO, an I/O professional interface based on Arduino.

Used in stand alone mode, IONO allow to control charges with a very low usage of electrical current, without waste. We’re talking about a very strong device, able to work also with tension’s and current’s bump, typical of the nautical world and other situations.

The intelligence on board is due to the Arduino board that allow to program the logical controls.
The HYSCO/IONO combination, allow to create innovative applications, specific for nautical needs and not only, less expensive because based on non traditional devices.

Applications for: navigation instruments, inverter, GPS localization and geolocation or anti intrusion systems, where many times are used normal residential systems that can’t fit the situation for dimension’s, cable’s and sensor’s issues. With HSYCO/IONO is possible to realize a very more “light” system using specialized sensors interfaced to IONO, that communicate with HYSCO via IP.

Other applications of IONO are lights’ and automations’ management in small systems, where a bus’ structure have no sense, applications where is required a low charge of energy, for the supervision of  thermal stations when all the different apparatus can’t been controlled by an ordinary protocol.

In this period HYSCO realized the integration of its supervision system with the operational head HESA Serie Quaranta, that allow to create complete and reliable security systems. The control page replay on smartphone, tablet, touchscreen, PC and MAC the keyboard of the head and allow to do the operations of load and unload. HYSCO is able to intercept the alarms of the operational head and to send messagges, it completes with more than 70 devices and standard and owner protocols and allow to realize complex and sofisticated systems, combining the anti-intrusion functions with the access control, the localization and much more.

HYSCO continues to enlarge the range of integrated protocols, in particular enlarging the field to some IOT devices, like Philips Hue, Sonos and Denon Heos.



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