Apia’s theater setup “ Fonderia Leopolda Theater”


Apia has been partner of the brand new Follonica’s Theater “Foundry Leopolda”. In the heart of the center of industrial archeology’s pole Ex Ilva, the village factory created at the behest of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Leopold II of Lorraine, is the Theatre of Follonica. After years of neglect, thanks to the intervention of the City, the Superintendent of art of Siena, Tuscany Region and with funding from the European Community, with a slow recovery started at the beginning of the century, finally in 2014, the Foundry becames the theater of Follonica, designed by Vittorio Gregotti, illustrious contemporary architect.

The project created by a team of architects and engineers built a complex which houses: a 400 seat theater, a multipurpose hall, lounge bar and a food court all integrated in a structure characterized by a modern design but that upgrading a structure with an historical value very important for the city. Inside the theater has been installed MIO array Systems with 6 modules each side and 4 MIO Sub 18 “all driven with 2 Amplifiers QDS-13. On stage has been installed 2 loudspeaker monitor AXI-M.

The MIO has a unique speaker in design integrating a 2×6.5’’cone driver and 1.4’’exit compression driver. Mio’s aesthetics and user friendly mounting abilities fill the demanding needs of architects and sound engineers alike. The MIO cabinet has a fixed tilt mechanism of 110° horizontal and a variable 0° to 10° vertical angles. MIO, when used with the high-tech QDS-13 amplifier, reproduces a surprising performance according to its size. MIO line array system is also supported by MIO Sub or RS Sub.

Axi-m is a medium size stage monitor with a 2-way full range loudspeaker, which due to the coaxial design, has a compact low profile enclosure. It achieves a high SPL and feedback stability and dispersion with remarkable vocal presence, clarity and a neutral balanced sound.

At the heart of the APIA integrated system is the QDS-13 amplified controller offering a cutting edge loudspeaker amplification, DSP, network control, and comprehensive system protection in a single ergonomic package. Based on similar platforms, the exceptional and groundbreaking performance level delivered by the QDS-13 allows for full optimization of the resources of all APIA systems and delivers outstanding audio quality combined with the best possible transducer protection.

Info: http://www.apia.pro/


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