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Limitless combinations of audio, video and control over the Q-SYS platform from QSC, based on an open and effective AV distribution ecosystem.

What is Q-SYS? By choosing this solution, distributed in the Italian market by Exhibo, system integrators can benefit from an integrated and flexible software that allows them to access audio, video and control functions always at an IT level, without the need for dedicated hardware, as in the case of other systems.

Q-SYS is a lightweight and “living” platform, which can be implemented over time according to the needs of the users, through simple updates of the software.

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Let’s have a look at the main features.

Small and large installations with Q-SYS
A single Q-SYS Core processor , like the Q-SYS Core 110f, can handle virtually any small professional installation: local inputs and outputs, audio and control, conference cameras, end point bridging, advanced echo cancellation capabilities, and much more.

The Q-SYS Core 510i , with its multi-format modular card system, is instead designed for medium to large environments and boasts a flexibility that is increasingly appreciated by the Italian market, as it is ideal for all AV applications that require analog, digital or networked audio connectivity. For large corporate environments, the AV&C system is controlled centrally through a data centre, using the latest generation of Q-SYS Enterprise Core processors. This system configuration allows control of every type of technology in the field, throughout the entire building, while guaranteeing full redundancy of every single component of the Q-SYS system.

For audio/video distribution, Q-SYS uses the Q-LAN protocol suite, which enables it to detect, synchronize, control and manage devices.

Audio, video and control: what can be integrated into Q-SYS?
From the audio point of view, the platform connects to analogue and digital sources via Q-SYS I/O peripherals, while AES67 devices provide audio streaming without the need for licensing or optional hardware. Additionally, Q-SYS supports Dante, AVB and CobraNet communication protocols.

For video distribution, this solution integrates conference cameras and interconnected endpoints to meet the needs of every application, and offers access, without additional drivers, to Skype for Business™, GoToMeeting®, Zoom and other platforms.

Finally, it is important not to forget the control of third-party products, which are easily integrated into the AV&C ecosystem thanks to:

  • A Lua scripting editor to customize control;
  • An extensive library of plugins and scripts;
  • Native Q-SYS touch screen controllers;
  • Drag-and-drop configuration for the user interface.

From plug-and-play for end users to the design of complex systems that also involve third-party products, the integration experience between AV and IT is here!



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