Happy summer holidays from Connessioni!

August is a time to relax, and we at Connessioni also allow ourselves two weeks to stop to recharge our batteries. We will be back in full swing starting on August 26th, with more activities and events dedicated to AV integration professionals. Here we are, “going over the hump” of 2019 with the satisfaction of […]

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Yamaha, Riding Passion!

The first stage of the new Yamaha Riding Passion Tour took place last June 20th at the Faieta Motor dealer in Rome. The event was dedicated to everyone loving audio and motors and to acoustic quality and performance passionates. One full day event with contents and seminars, demos, listening sessions, networking: guests could listen to […]

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(Italiano) Yamaha Riding Passion: Roma vi aspetta!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

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