Pro AV in education: grand prospects

What will happen in schools over the next ten years? Will multimedia technologies enable completely new learning experiences? The substantial growth of the global Pro AV market suggests a much more integrated and hi-tech future than we think… AVIXA makes this point in a study dedicated to the role of professional audio/video in higher education […]

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(Italiano) Il mondo AV di Connessioni a Didacta 2019

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

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Didacta, the world of education in a trade exhibition

Since last year, Connessioni has taken part in Didacta, which hosted and will again host this autumn the key stop on the Edu TournĂ©e, the tour dedicated to AV technologies in the field of education. How Italian schools changing and what the challenges of modern education are: the theme of the Didacta Italia 2019 exhibition […]

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