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The brand, part of the Adam Hall Group, has introduced new four-channel conference systems: the U500 Wireless Conference-Sets are available in three versions with different frequency bands

The U500 Wireless Conference-Sets are designed for professional users, and are a conference system that combines effective communication, high voice quality, high reliability and ease of use. The LD Systems U500 Wireless Conference-Sets operate as True Diversity systems in the UHF frequency band. The available versions are: U505 CS 4 (554 – 586 MHz), U506 CS 4 (662 – 694 MHz) and U508 CS 4 (823-832 MHz + 863 – 865 MHz).

The professional endowment specially designed for conferences, meetings and debates includes automatic channel search, automatic frequency search, infrared synchronization of receiver frequencies and microphone unit, pilot tone and priority switching. In addition, the U500 Wireless Conference-Sets feature a security lock and an RS-232 interface for connecting to external control systems. U500 stations have a swan neck supercardioid condenser microphone and a light ring to indicate the status. OLED displays located in desktop bases also provide users with all the information they need about setting options. Interesting is the 130 Hz high pass filter, which reduces proximity effect and intrinsic sound to improve communication intelligibility.

The system can be expanded through five U500 receivers that can be cascaded and used in Master/Slave mode. Thus, up to 20 microphone stations will be available, regardless of the availability of frequency bands in the various countries.

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