Pro AV in education: grand prospects


What will happen in schools over the next ten years? Will multimedia technologies enable completely new learning experiences?

The substantial growth of the global Pro AV market suggests a much more integrated and hi-tech future than we think… AVIXA makes this point in a study dedicated to the role of professional audio/video in higher education presented at ISE 2019. Although the corporate sector remains the undisputed leader in revenue, educational technologies account for 11.8% of the estimated $186 billion in the professional AV market in 2018, with an average annual growth rate among the highest at 5.5%.

What users and end-users want
This data should be “monitored” carefully, on the basis of a number of considerations related to the needs of all stakeholders in the educational chain. Let’s start with the consumers – the students. The success of the multimedia experiences is driven by three factors: the quality of the instructors, the level of the lessons and the layout of the classroom.

As for end-users, the AVIXA survey identifies three main factors that drive the investments of institutions:

  • make presentations easier for teachers: 82.3%;
  • increase student engagement: 73.4%;
  • increase collaboration in the classroom: 61.4%.

The educational sector is also strategic in terms of AV presence: 9% of school projects involve multimedia installations to improve didactics and learning. In general, the methodological and technological approach varies according to the nature of the decision-maker, the AV/IT figures inside the structure can represent an important resource for the spread of integrated solutions, but adequate skills and preparation are needed.

In short, the objectives of AV in the educational field are very different from those of other professional sectors, perhaps for this reason they are even more stimulating! The digital challenge has been raised and we can’t wait to learn about the rapid evolution of school user-experiences.

The first opportunity to learn more is the Didacta Italia exhibition in Florence from the 9th to the 11th of October, 2019. Connessioni will be present with a large space dedicated to system integration in schools and universities and with the Florentine stop on the Edu Tournée, which will be conducted by the leading experts in the field. Don’t miss it!

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