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Announcing four new sessions – the first on Thursday, May 30th, in Turin – with analysis and discussions on multimedia for teaching and training applications, in collaboration with professional Orders and Associations.

At the end of 2018, after holding sessions of the Edu Tournée in Bari, Milan, Modena and Florence (during the Didacta exhibition), we were certain that the theme of multimedia in training and instructional applications could still present many more ideas and opportunities. So, with the encouragement of the companies that accompanied and supported us (Benq, Casio, D-Link, Lightware, Prase Media Technologies, Panasonic and Sony), we decided to continue this tour, with new locations, but also new topics and training ideas.

In fact, instructional multimedia represents a revolution in terms of tools. As everyone has experienced, the mechanisms of learning are profoundly changing, in relation to – but perhaps it is fairer to say in harmony with – the tendency towards the use of technology. Luca Sancricca, expert in Experiential Training, will be the invited speaker of Edu Tournée 2019. He will be presenting data and practical examples about how AV, simulation and virtual reality are opening new frontiers in learning, allowing people to learn through multimedia experiences.

Ed Tournée 2019 will kick off on May 30th, in Turin, with subsequent sessions in Florence on October 9th-11th (in collaboration with the Didacta exhibition), in Naples on October 29th, and in Genoa on November 28th. We look forward to sharing more ideas and opportunities regarding this interesting market. The tour is specifically aimed at those responsible for multimedia and e-learning in schools and universities, as well as teachers, school administrators, digital project supervisors, technicians and maintenance staff. It is also for professionals involved in the design, supply and installation of technologies in the Educational sector, for system integrators, assessors, engineers and designers of audio-visual systems.

The complete programme is available on the event’s website. The session in Turin on May 30th qualifies the participants to receive the following Training Credits for Continued Education: 3 CFP for registered members of the Italian Order of Architects, 4 CFP for registered members of the Italian Order of Engineers, 3 CFP for registered members of the Italian College of Industrial Experts.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our partners – UX-Men for their technical support – and the companies that will be supporting the 2019 edition: Casio, Lightware and Prase Media Technolgies.

We’ ll see you in Turin!

To view the programme and register to participate, visit:



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