Acoustics and sound environments and settings, this the title of the new edition of the AudioForum @ ISE, the pre ISE Educational Event organized by Connessioni in collaboration with AES – Audio Engineering Society, and ISE, and with the support of Genelec and RCF .

The program wishes to investigate the relationship between quality sound diffusion, architectural and environmental acoustics, listening experience, acoustic well-being and related psychological implications. AudioForum@ISE2019 is dedicated to both delegates with technical training – sound designers, system integrators, sound engineers, acoustics specialists, multimedia producers, etc. – and to professionals coming from Architecture and environmental design – architects, consultants, engineers etc. Preliminary program

Sound diffusion, acoustics, environmental comfort and listening                                    Speaker: Donato Masci, Acoustic Designer, Studio Sound Service

Extraordinary sound: sound perception and listening experience                                       Speaker: Thomas Lund, Senior Technologist, Genelec

“Negative Absorption”: an economic electro acoustical solution to make corrections in a room                                                                                                                                                                             Speaker: Cees Mulder, Teacher in Acoustics, Faculty of Design Science of the University Antwerp

Firphase: the RCF approach to digital filtering                                                                             Speaker: Andrea Capra, Electroacoustic Systems Designer, RCF

The perception of sound; from the physiology of the auditory system to the psychological variables                                                                                                                               Speaker: Alfonso Belfiore, Professor of Electronic Music and Coordinator of the Department of Music and New Technologies of the Conservatory of Florence

Acoustic Simulation Models,  do we really need them?                                                               Speaker: Cees Mulder, Teacher in Acoustics, Faculty of Design Science of the University Antwerp  

Sound environments with multi source systems                                                                       Speaker: Frans Ockeloen, AES Member, Dutch Section

Would you like to participate in AudioForum @ ISE2019? The first 5 readers who will send their request to will receive the code for taking part to the event, free of charge.

For more information and to consult the complete program:

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