Acoustics and sound environments and settings, this the title of the new edition of the AudioForum @ ISE, the pre ISE Educational Event organized by Connessioni in collaboration with AES – Audio Engineering Society, and ISE, and with the support of Genelec and RCF.

The program wishes to investigate the relationship between quality sound diffusion, architectural and environmental acoustics, listening experience, acoustic well-being and related psychological implications. AudioForum@ISE2019 is dedicated to both delegates with technical training – sound designers, system integrators, sound engineers, acoustics specialists, multimedia producers, etc. – and to professionals coming from Architecture and environmental design – architects, consultants, engineers etc.

Preliminary program:

  • Sound diffusion, acoustics, environmental comfort and listening                                   
    Speaker: Donato Masci, Acoustic Designer, Studio Sound Service
  • Extraordinary sound: sound perception and listening experience                                       
    Speaker: Thomas Lund, Senior Technologist, Genelec
  • “Negative Absorption”: an economic electro acoustical solution to make corrections in a room   
    Speaker: Cees Mulder, Teacher in Acoustics, Faculty of Design Science of the University Antwerp                  
  • Firphase: the RCF approach to digital filtering                                                                             
    Speaker: Andrea Capra, Electroacoustic Systems Designer, RCF
  • The perception of sound; from the physiology of the auditory system to the psychological variables                   Speaker: Alfonso Belfiore, Professor of Electronic Music and Coordinator of the Department of Music and New Technologies of the Conservatory of Florence
  • Acoustic Simulation Models,  do we really need them?                                                              
    Speaker: Cees Mulder, Teacher in Acoustics, Faculty of Design Science of the University Antwerp 
  • Sound environments with multi source systems                                                                       
    Speaker: Frans Ockeloen, AES Member, Dutch Section

For more information and to consult the complete program:

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