Powersoft: a one million channels contest!


“One Million Channels” is the name given by Powersoft to the massive promotional campaign launched all over the world in order to reach by the end of September the millions of power. To the lucky winner, the full amount of his order

There is time until the end of September 2017 to send an order – of any kind – to Powersoft, on a special web page open for the occasion. At the moment, Powersoft has over 995.000 audio power channels around the world, and the challenge is to reach the magic one million milestone by the end of September.
Powersoft are inviting end users worldwide to visit a dedicated landing page (https://goo.gl/BmhKug) where they can place their order and automatically enter a draw, which will give them the opportunity to win the value of that order in full, whatever the amount is. Each order placed via the campaign page before the end of September will be forwarded and attributed to the relevant reseller, and end users will be automatically entered in the competition. The winner will be decided in a random draw that will be hosted and streamed online, immediately after the end of the month, and after the goal of one million channels has been reached.
Stated Powersoft’s Brand & Communications Director, Francesco Fanicchi: “To think that we are about to reach one million amplifier channels worldwide is mind-boggling. We wanted to promote this remarkable achievement and at the same time give something back to Powersoft users around the world who trust us with their projects every day and have helped us reach this incredible milestone. We are also extremely thankful to our partners and distributors, who have played an essential role in making Powersoft the brand that it is today.”


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