EMA (Eco Mobility Association) is born


The objective is to facilitate the diffusion of means and methods of sustainable transportation, offering information and creating sector culture at various institutions, but also among companies and end users

EMA was born in June 2017 from the idea of uniting the players involved in the world of sustainable mobility: from companies to individuals, from academia and research to public administration. The objectives are: to give greater visibility to the sector, joining forces for increased representation when dealing with public administration, and raising the public’s awareness about the need for simpler, faster, eco-friendly mobility; to clarify the regulations that will affect the behavior of users and consumers; to share knowledge and skills, thus creating sector culture for companies, public administration, and also end users, supporting research, and, in general, those who work in the world of sustainable transportation.

DanieleBossi, President of EMA, clarifies the reasons for the birth of EMA: “Sustainable (or rather simple, cost- and eco-friendly) mobility is the only possible future. The protection of the ecosystem, of natural resources as renewable but not replaceable goods, of a clean and healthy environment to live in are priorities for each and every one of us, and they will soon need to be so for public administration, too. Indeed, it is estimated that by 2050 petroleum wells will exhaust their reserves and the search for alternatives is now urgent. This is without taking into account the notion that efficient and clean mobility is one of the key themes of sustainable development, at the foundation of the Smart Cities of the future. Technology and research can be of great assistance, giving a crucial contribution towards the creation of means and methods for mobility that is eco-friendly, but also cost-friendly and consistent with the challenges of the future. EMA thus proposes the creation of a community to facilitate the diffusion of a system for sustainable mobility through knowledge and culture, but also thanks to the work in the field.”

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