Connessioni is a company that deals with integrated communication, dedicated to the systems integration sector.

Its activity is to "connect" the protagonists of this sector, professionals and companies, in order to extend the market area by sharing views, strategies, solutions and operative synergies, integrating audio and video technologies, home and building automation, information technology, energy, environmental, safety and security, and health sectors. With the aim of building a world in which integrated systems constitute the basis of an evolved but simple, sustainable and usable life model.


It was set up in 2006 to provide communication products for the systems integration sector.

Today it is a meeting and reference point, a complete communication system that includes different solutions to achieve the same objective: connecting the market operators to stimulate development.

Connessioni’s system is based on:

  • monthly magazine, in hard copy and digital formats;
  • website, containing the access to all communication, information and inter-relation activities;
  • biweekly newsletter, to update the readers about this fast-developing market;
  • online publication of standards and reference manuals, for quick consultation;
  • database of companies, system integrators and designers for this sector;
  • "community" within the systems integration sector… to make its opinions freely available
  • press office, to allow firms to communicate in a targeted manner;
  • organisation of events at major fairs and expos and, to meet up at the "Casa dell’Integrazione Tecnologica";
  • structuring of courses, conventions, and cultural and information events;
  • creation of special projects with trade associations, fair organizations and international magazines;
  • organization of prizes and awards.
  • The workgroup

    This consists of professionals with specific, impartial training: journalists who are also technology enthusiasts, recognized and accredited specialists, communication and marketing experts. A dynamic structure, consolidated by shared quality values and the pooled skills of the single subjects, aware that they are moving within a global reality, where establishing external collaboration is synonymous with growth.

  • Our market

    Not only audio, video and automation, but also IT, mobility, energy efficiency and environment, safety and health… an extended but unitary view of a world characterised by systems that are integrated on all levels. Connessioni’s interlocutors are therefore all the leading players of this sector: system integrators, installation engineers, audio and video consultants, but also architects and design studios, as well as builders and distributors. Over time, Connessioni has compiled a vast database of contacts, which is at the service of corporate activities.

  • The magazine

    With its reliable and journalistic contents, refined graphic styling and high quality printing, Connessioni magazine has become a leading publication in the market, and it certainly represents the company’s business card: not only is it a quality product and cultural media, it is also a work tool that provides information and access to the sector.

    Integration with other products from Connessioni’s system stands at the basis of the publishing project: the set-up and flexibility, the particular layout that facilitates consultation and links it to our website, relate the magazine to other system’s components.

    Connessioni has been devised to become a meeting point for market operators: the columns offer market information and descriptions concerning installations, in-depth information on products and technological subjects, meetings with companies, reports from events and fairs, dates for your agenda, news from industry. It is also media partner of international associations and fair organizations, as well as working with the sector’s most renowned publications.

  • The website

    It is neither an institutional site, nor the online copy of the magazine; offers direct access to the world of Connessioni. A genuine interactive and complete portal, to exploit its publishing and communication products and events, to share experiences and points of view, through a specific community.

    It contains quick information on the market, products and technologies, publishing and also audio and video contents, to remain in touch with the current activities worldwide (events, fairs, etc.), and a link to subscribe to the Connect newsletter, which brings news directly to its readers’ mailbox.

    A section is also dedicated to the quick consultation of standards and reference manuals.

  • Events

    Connessioni is active in projects linked to culture and aggregation: road shows, conventions and courses, events that bring together professionals, and events between the latter and firms. CIT, which stands for Casa dell’Integrazione Tecnologica, is a physical or virtual space for events and culture, documented by Connect speciale specific daily updating service.

    Our collaborations include major international events: ISE – Integrated Systems Europe and IS Russia; Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, Palme-Install Middle East; with numerous Italian fair organizations: Expobit of Catania, Fiera di Rimini and Seatec of Carrara; with training centres such as Laboratorio di Domotica and Centro Musica of Modena. Connessioni is also associated to CEDIA, Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association.

  • Communication

    Experience, together with knowledge of the sector those working in it and with it, allows us to support firms with press services, targeted mailing, graphics, video and web, publishing and translation, and event planning.

    Connessioni structures communication projects using all the means offered by technologies, from the most traditional ones, in modern key (graphic, texts, press), to the most innovative (video, web).

  • References

    The information instruments readily available from the Connessioni system, both on the magazine and Web, selected and easily accessible:

    • a column dedicated to the main international associations, so that they can comunicate directly to the market;
    • the publication of books, manuals, classification rules;
    • from our international publishing partners, a selection of their main activities, editorial proposals, events;
    • the agenda of the most important events, expos, roadshows, educational activities;
    • the directory of professionals, companies, associations, media of the industry.

An integrated system of communication, to put "in connection" the protagonists of the systems integration market.


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